About MyTcase®

Technical Specifications







Product Weight (Without TV)

18.6 Lbs

TV Sizes

LED TVs from 32” to 43”

Quality Through and Through

MyTcase® wants you to have the best tailgating experience, and to have the best tailgate, you need the best equipment. We strive to provide the highest quality product with the highest quality materials:


Crafted with High-Impact ABS


Stainless Steel Handle


Made with Heat and Rain Resistant Materials


As regular supporters and fans of Clemson Football, my wife and I have the opportunity to join family and close friends for a single day event in Clemson, South Carolina every fall where we tailgate and enjoy tailgating before, during and after the Tigers take the field.

Over the years, we have begun that day with a well crafted plan for entertainment and southern style social interaction centered around great food and watching pre-game shows.


Bringing a TV to the tailgate, or anywhere outside the home, used to be a real challenge. We took extreme measures to safely transport the television. We would encase it in its original taped up cardboard box or tightly wrap it in blankets, hoping that it would make the journey to our favorite spot outside the stadium or destination in one piece.


The idea of having a box that would safely and securely hold today’s flat screen in a container that was easy to secure, transport, carry, and then be set up on a stable surface that allowed you to view from, was the inception of the MyTcase®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a MyTcase?

How many of us have gone to extremes to hold on to that original cardboard box our TV was shipped in thinking we might need it someday? What will we do when we move or when we want to bring it out to our favorite sporting event? How will we carry it and will the screen get damaged in the process? Unfortunately, those cardboard boxes are designed only to get the TV home from the store. They aren’t made to withstand multiple uses. Here’s where MyTcase comes to the rescue! Whether you transport your TV in the backseat of your or in the back of your truck, the MyTcase provides the ultimate protection for your TV and it can be used over and over and over again. You can finally throw out that duct tape covered box and erase the last bit of pregame stress, knowing your TV will be safe and quick to carry to that prime tailgating spot.

What can the MyTcase be used for?

The MyTcase is a protective carrier for transporting your TV outside the home. Common uses include: tailgating, home-gating, gaming, camping, man caving… It can also be used for outdoor movie night, transporting to and from the dorm room, tradeshow displays, or patio entertainment.

Will any inside TV work in the MyTcase?

The MyTcase should fit any TV smaller than the inside dimensions of the MyTcase (38.7″ X 23″ x 3.75″). If you have specific questions or concerns about your particular model, email us at [email protected] and we will verify that your TV fits the MyTcase.

What makes the MyTcase different from competitive outdoor enclosures or outdoor TVs?

The MyTcase is a simple protective carrier for your TV. It allows you to easily “plug and play” when taking it outside your home. Other TV enclosures have “transparent” plastic fronts that result in direct exposure of the TV to adverse weather conditions. To compensate, these manufacturers add auxiliary fans and vents to counteract these harsh conditions. Our box doesn’t need these things that just add extra weight! There are also a number of outdoor TV manufactures that provide expensive models that can be mounted and left outdoors all the time. Our model is designed to provide more flexibility to our customers. You don’t have to commit to spending lots of money or installing a permanent fixture with limited visibility. Instead, you can take your TV with you wherever and whenever you want. Viewing and transporting your TV is now an option without those expensive and limited applications.

Do I have to take the TV in and out of the carrier?

No. The MyTcase is engineered to allow the user to set it on a stable surface, open the front panel, and enjoy viewing time after time. Your TV is attached to the included VESA mount and can be easily removed as often or as little as you like.

Is there a warranty?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee on the MyTcase. If you are not satisfied with the product, ship it back to us for a full refund. Click here for more detailed warranty information.

In The News

Theron Pickens, CEO of MyTcase, was just recently honored as a finalist for the 2018 Innovision Awards. The Innovision Awards represent a mark of distinction for outstanding technical excellence.

Theron Pickens just wanted to make his Clemson football tailgate better. What he ended up with could improve the gameday experience for Tiger, Gamecock and other fans throughout South Carolina and beyond.

Now one South Carolina group is putting $200,000 toward making it happen.

South Carolina …

SCRA’s SC Launch Board finalized three investments for SC Launch Client Companies. Fort Mill-based P2Ops as well as Charleston-based Good Done Great and PEC360 all received investment approvals.

P2Ops received a $200,000 investment from SC Launch for commercialization of their product, TV TOC Box …

The MyTcase is a protective carrier case/box used for transporting and securing your LED TV that transforms into a stable platform for viewing at your favorite outdoor event. Once your TV is installed into the patent pending MyTcase, you are all set to carry it to your next event knowing it is secure …

Theron Pickens of Fort Mill is hoping he can turn his simple idea into a thriving business.

Pickens believes he has solved the problem of protecting a television while traveling to a tailgate party, as well as keeping the television from falling to the ground once the party has started. In most …

Some protect their televisions by wrapping them in a blanket. Others transport their televisions in the original boxes, which can quickly rip and tear. Others buy their own special outdoor television, but that’s a pricey option with some outdoor televisions costing $4,000.

Even if the box or …

Thousands will take to the tailgate this weekend getting ready for the Panthers bid for the NFC title. A Fort Mill man has created an invention to make sure you don’t miss a play while at the tailgate.

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A small business getting a big boost – because maybe no surprise, people like a good tailgate. Theron Pickens is the founder and creator of MyTCase – its a portable easy way to transport your TV safely to tailgating events. The product got the attention of Rock Hill’s Technology Incubator. in turn leaders with the Incubator connected them …

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